Matt Melito

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Matt Melito
Hospitality and Sales Coordinator

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Matt’s journey in wine began behind a coffee bar, where he found pleasure in not only crafting the perfect latte but also in providing guests with an experience that enhanced their appreciation of the drinks he served. Recognizing the unique impact he could make by providing excellent hospitality to others, he decided to pursue a career doing just that.

After visiting Napa Valley for the first time in 2018, Matt made a New Year’s Resolution to learn more about the wines he enjoyed with friends and family. This rather sensible goal quickly expanded into a full-fledged obsession, and his family watched with raised eyebrows as he returned from the local wine shop with cases of wine from all over the world. He traded in his barista apron for a serviette and a corkscrew and drove across the country to work in Willamette Valley, where his daily experience pouring wine amongst the very vines that produced it solidified his passion for the craft. Soon after passing his Certified Sommelier Exam, he moved to Portland to immerse himself in the city’s vibrant food and wine scene and continued to hone his skills as a sommelier.

Yearning to be back among the vines, Matt joined the Domaine Divio team in early 2022, and he is excited and inspired to represent the brand’s commitment to not only producing great Willamette Valley wine, but to caring for the land it comes from. When he’s not at Domaine Divio, Matt can be found trying new restaurants in Portland, writing music on his guitar, and playing with his big dog Barley.