Jacob Mitchell

Bruno Corneaux

Jacob Mitchell
Hospitality Associate

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Jacob, a native Oregonian, brings the charming dynamic of West Coast subtlety with East Coast savoir-faire.

An early love of style led to a career in retail fashion. In 2004, Jacob founded his own business, specializing in archival fashion and personal styling. Career opportunities naturally brought Jacob to the dazzling city of Las Vegas, where his business thrived. After spending his time between Las Vegas and Manhattan for nearly ten years, Jacob decided to step back from retail, return to his native Oregon, and make Newberg his home.

After falling in love with local wine and wine culture, what started as a part-time support role at Domaine Divio quickly grew into a passion and dedication. His natural love of history and French culture, makes his role as a hospitality associate at Domaine Divio a perfect fit for him.

Jacob’s favorite aspect of pouring Domaine Divio wines is connecting with guests, who come from all over the world, through storytelling, linking the lore and legends of the old world with the new world wine culture of his beloved Oregon. Jacob, a natural raconteur, believes sharing stories while pouring the best wines the valley has to offer makes every day a special occasion.