Our Philosophy

“If I had stayed in Burgundy to make wine, I would be boarding a train that was already in motion. Here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, I’m helping lay down the tracks.”

- Bruno Corneaux, Winemaker and Proprietor

The combined spirit of Oregon innovation and French tradition has driven the Domaine Divio dream from the outset. Our philosophy is rooted in making minimal intervention wines that showcase the terroir of the Willamette Valley while respecting the land through sustainable and biodynamic farming techniques.

Oregon wine by essence; Burgundian by style.

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“Terroir consists of all the factors pertaining to a particular site that, when taken together as a whole, determine the level of potential wine quality that has nothing to do with the skills of the winemaker.”

- Bruno Corneaux, Winemaker and Proprietor

Once Bruno, Isabelle and André had decided that the Willamette Valley would be the perfect place to forge their dream of making the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, they started looking for a piece of land that had the most similarities to Bruno’s home of Meloisey in Burgundy, France. It quickly became evident that the Ribbon Ridge AVA checked all these boxes.

In 2014 the Clos Gallia property was purchased and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines were planted. Read more about our estate vineyard here.

While waiting for the young vines to mature, Bruno was able to use his close relationships with wine growers throughout the region to secure fruit from some of Oregon’s most sought-after vineyards. The aim is to highlight the unique characteristics prevalent in each of the Willamette Valley’s sub AVAs through minimal intervention winemaking techniques. This approach led to renowned wine critic, Paul Gregutt of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, to opine that Domaine Divio makes “distinctive wines that, taken together, capture the full range of the northern Willamette valley terroirs.”

“As a fourth-generation grape grower in Burgundy, I know the importance of caring for the land. If you nurture it, it will reward you."

- Bruno Corneaux, Winemaker and Proprietor

By the time the Clos Gallia estate was purchased, plans were already in motion to ensure that the land was respected and allowed to thrive. Eco-friendly, sustainable farming methods encouraging natural growth through dry farming, organic and biodynamic practices were adopted from day one.

While the technical aspects of biodynamic farming are complex, the overarching concept is not. The method strives to create an ecological balance in the vineyard by promoting and enhancing biodiversity. This is achieved through grass and legume growth between the vineyard rows, diverse tree plantings on the estate, beneficial insect habitat support and by developing wetland areas throughout the property.

No artificial chemicals or conventional sprays are used. Instead, a variety of biodynamic preparations and methods are utilized to promote a healthy ecosystem and growing environment. The vineyard is also farmed without irrigation in order to force the vine roots to dig deep through multiple layers of soil in the search for water, giving their fruit more complexity and highlighting the essence of the Ribbon Ridge AVA.

“Our approach to winemaking is low intervention. Let the fruit express itself as much as we can."

- Bruno Corneaux, Winemaker and Proprietor

The same respect and attention that is given to the vineyard is given to the wines. Crafted in a traditional Burgundian style with minimal intervention, each wine is bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The wines reflect the beauty and rustic elegance of the Willamette Valley, with flavors and aromas that offer a graceful experience to each wine lover, transporting them to this idyllic place Domaine Divio calls home.