The Estate Clos Gallia

A Clos is a piece of property, mostly vineyard, defined by a combination of elements particular to this piece of land.

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A Clos usually has a lot to do with the notion of terroir: the soil, the exposure, the elevation, the micro-climate at this exact place,usually having its own terroir.

We purchase this 23-acre property in June 2014 and planted 5 acres of Pinot noir Wadenswil and Dijon clones 777 and 115 on a root day of the biodynamic calendar of November 2014.

We continued planting 6 more acres in the fall of 2015 with diverse Pinot noir and Chardonnay Dijon clones, making sure to leave some of the land undeveloped for the natural flora and fauna to find its place. We expect our first grapes to be harvested in 2017.